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10 Ways to Increase Adsense CPC and Revenue by 30% QUICKLY

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Today I am here to tell you ten ways to increase your Google Adsense earnings by about thirty percent and how to do that quickly now you’re probably wondering why did I go with thirty percent that’s a pretty weird number right well the answer simple so when I started out with my own website I was actually looking for information about this kind of thing I didn’t really find all you know all that much that was really good so I tested a number of different things and in those tests I was able to increase my website earnings at the time at one single website up by about thirty percent and now I used these same methods across my whole portfolio of about eight different websites and I make over like twenty five thousand dollars of revenue every single month so because of that I thought you know what it would make sense to create a video about this some people were saying Google Adsense it’s great but how do you make more money with it not just how much can you make but how do you make more money with it so this video is my attempt to explain to you the ten different things that I do to increase my earnings on Google Adsense

Let’s start the list here so number one is that you need to create more content now I know almost you’re probably like duh but creating more content is a huge huge benefit when it comes to Google Adsense unlike affiliate affiliate marketing and you know like selling informational products and that sort of things creating more content is really going to be one of the keys because at the end of the day when it comes down to Google Adsense and display ads the best way to make more money is to get more visitors to your website that’s just plain and simple how it is so when you create more quality content on your website you’re more likely to get ranked by Google with SEO and to extra show up in the rankings thereby getting more visitors to your website thereby getting more clicks to your ads thereby making more revenue so obvious one but I wanted to start off with it because not everyone realizes this one of the best ways to make more money is just create more quality content.

Number two is to create high earnings per click content now you may not fully understand what this is and I think it’s important to explain this by showing you a little bit of an infographic so that you can kind of see it visually because it is kind of hard to understand but you’ll understand after I show you here so let’s go to my desktop here in a screen share and you could see that’s this some article is from word stream com really good article and it talks about the most expensive keywords in Google advertising okay google adwords advertising now the thing is the more expensive the keyword is in google adwords the more you’ll make from google adsense that’s just kind of how it breaks down so Google will give you a revenue share so if someone’s you know paying $5 per click for something it’s gonna pay a lot more than if somebody only pays you know 20 cents look like right you’ll make more money because you get a revenue share of that so this shows you the different terms that are the highest paying keywords within Google’s kind of ecosystem they’re an ecosystem so number one is insurance number two is loans

Number three is mortgage we’ve got an attorney at number four number five is credit then lawyer donate degree hosting claim conference call training etc I’ll stop there but hopefully you understand the point the point here is to create content related to this in order to make more money now I know what some of you are thinking some of you are probably thinking well Ron that’s great but I don’t have a website that’s about insurance right or I don’t have a website that’s about anything like that that’s fine so what I’ve actually done when I have my websites is I’ll look at some of these high high earning per click terms and I will create kind of like what you could call like shoulder content right so a good example is let’s say that you have a website all about how to start a YouTube channel let’s say you have a website all about that or how to start a website or how to start a business or anything related to business what the insurance example will work or even like a website well we’ll talk about that example in a second so if you have a website related to business or starting a website or stunning YouTube one of the things that would make sense is if you wrote about getting business insurance right because it’s an important aspect of having a business you wanna make sure that you have insurance so if you created just one article about business insurance for youtubers or business insurance for website owners something like that and you post it and you were able to rank when people come to your website and they’re reading through the content the ads that are going to be shown on those pages are going to be much higher paying ads okay because they have a higher earnings per click because the advertiser is bidding more to get a click so when you post that type of content to your website it’s just going to pay you significantly more than other types of content you need to understand the way that Google Adsense works it looks at your page and it shows contextual advertising so when Google Adsense goes to your page and it crawls your page and it looks at the text and it sees that you’re talking a lot about insurance of really any kind it’s going to show ads about insurance or if you’re talking about loans right let’s talk to you let’s say you’re using the similar example you’re talking about business loans or something like that that would be something then it would show loans on your page and as you related to pay to to loans so if someone clicks on those ads you’re just gonna make that much more money now I know some people are thinking okay well that’s cool but I don’t have a business-related website I don’t really see how this is relevant to me it is because all you need to do is look through the graph to really understand the different ones that you could possibly kind of break into but another good example is an attorney here’s an off-the-wall example let’s say you have a mom blog type website where you just you know its mother or maybe even a father talking about Parenthood and the whole the daily you know that daily life if you have that type of website you could create a article let’s say that you’re going through divorce or a friend is or something like that you could create an article about divorcing and talk about divorce attorneys and specifically divorce attorneys and what to look for and what not to look for and you know your advice and that sort of thing

that particular article again would focus on the keyword attorney so Google Adsense would look they would see attorney and understand that contextually and then they would show ads around attorneys which means if you get a click you’ll make more money number three is to focus on top earning pages usually I focus on the top ten earning pages so what do I mean by that so if you go into google analytics and if you don’t have Google Analytics installed just look up on YouTube how to install Google Analytics you might see yours truly but go ahead and go and install that but basically Google Analytics is a tool it’s going to let you understand how you know people are interacting with your website the traffic that’s coming there everything that’s related to it so when we go into it we go to this behavior area here and if we go to publisher and we click on overview right and this is the one our professor website so don’t look at the numbers because I don’t make a lot of money from display ads and one of a professor but this particular website would go there if you don’t have this hooked up it’s gonna tell you hey you have to link your Google Adsense with your Google Analytics I’ve already done that so data is already collecting so basically you can go here you can scroll down these are going to be your top ten highest revenue pages and to be honest these numbers aren’t always exactly what they should be within Google Adsense but that’s okay

it’ll it’ll serve for the purpose of this example one of the things that I always do is you can understand that ninety eighty or ninety percent of the revenue is gonna come from like your top ten pages that’s just how it is so when you go into here you can look at these pages and you can review them manually yourself and look and think do I have all the ads and I need on this page do I have other ways of making money to have affiliate links all that stuff on the page the idea is to look at these top ten pages and optimize them to the absolute fullest extent to make sure that you’re making as much as absolutely possible from them all right

number four is to use Adsense anchor ads all right not vignette ads but anchor ads so I’m going to show you what I mean by this within the Google Adsense interface so we go to the Google Adsense here and I know a lot of these URLs are blurred because I can’t really share them because people unfortunately are copycats and they’ll copy me but if we go to here under one our professor we click on the edit area here and what you’re gonna see is you’ve got the opportunity to turn on auto ads okay this is something I think yeah you have to have Auto ads on in order to do this but if you have Auto ads on you can go to ad formats you can do in page ads match content ads anchor ads vignette ads do not do vignette ads those are the ones that they will show up someone clicks a link of an yet ad will show up and then they’ll have to close out of that ad and then go somewhere else and they have to click on another link up in yet and it just keeps popping up it’s miserable so don’t use those I don’t advise that but anchor ads are key so if you wanted to do this and you weren’t sure about all the other ads you could just turn off all the other ones but anchor ads are key these are ads that will stick to the edge of the users screen and are easily dismissable so basically what’s gonna happen here I don’t know if they’ll show them but it will it will be when I’m looking at mobile you can actually go to the one on professor website you’ll probably see them when you’re on mobile when you scroll up or down on the page you’re gonna see the ad either stick to the top or stick to the bottom of the screen those ads actually do add you know not a ton of money but they’ll have enough money and they’re not too intrusive to where they ruin the user experience so I’m actually a big fan of anchor ads so definitely make sure that you give those a try alright.

Number five is to use display ads often so I’m a big fan of display ads they’re responsive ads so whether it’s on desktop or mobile they will respond to the size of the screen which is one of the reasons why I love them so much so if we go to my screen here and again the URLs are blurred but if you click on buy ad unit so you go to ads overview and then you could buy and unit you can see here there’s different choices okay display ads in feed ads in article ads match content ads and link ads for the most part in most chances or most times when I am placing an ad on the page I will do it with display ads and also helpful hint I also use a plug-in called ad inserter it is 100% free on WordPress and it lets you do this in bulk so you can basically say I want to create it and put an ad on all the different posts after the first paragraph that tool will let you do that very very quickly it’s an awesome tool anyways I use display ads a lot because it’s a great all-around her like I said it’s responsive I haven’t had issues with it that’s my number one ads that I have our display ads for sure.

Number six is kind of talking about what I just did at number five make sure that you’re using ad inserter to test the ad size and the earnings per click so I just showed you showed you in number five all the different ad types and everything ad inserter is going to let you practice all of the different types of ads or test them not practice them it’ll allow you to test all the different ad types to see which one pays the most you may think oh I don’t need to do that and it’s not worth testing it is it absolutely is the go to your top you know your top pages that are making the most money and test different ad sizes to see what’s going to pay the most you will be surprised by the results an ad moose order will really help you do that and also to help I have a video right here that’s going to show you kind of my own tutorial about you know how to add Google Adsense to WordPress right but within that tutorial there is a lot of information focused on ad inserter so I show you quite a bit there alright.

Number seven is and this is a surprising one not a lot of people do this test link ad units right this is not something most people do this is not something that most people recommend but after testing multiple multiple times I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well ad units have shown so I’m going to go to the one hour professor website if you don’t know what a link ad unit is I’m going to show you okay so as you can see he

at my website the one on professor website which by the way if you’ve never been there I shared income reports I share a lot of great information every single month tell you how I work from negative 1,200 hours the first year to over 200,000 hours this year in the last five years so I tell you every month what my income is but anyway that’s not why you’re here but I did want to mention it so what our professor we go to here and if we scroll down this is a link ad unit okay

the thing about link ad units is that when someone clicks here so I’m going to click here right now I don’t actually get paid there okay I didn’t get paid there what I get paid for is if I click this ad right here okay or we can go to these different ones here see there’s an ad here there’s an ad up here I get paid on that second click and you may think well that doesn’t make sense because on most websites you know the display ads if you click them once then you get paid and that’s true but what I found is that with link ad units you will get paid a lot more per click sometimes then if you were to just do display the key here you guys is to test absolutely test this you have to test it you have to get a good sample size of data put it up leave it for two weeks see exactly what happens but link ads and if you go to here you will see link ads are this option right over here they can be a great option but you just need to test like I said take two weeks test it out versus ad units display ad units and see which one is better.

Number eight is to test Google Auto ads now when you test these something that I learned a hard lesson on make sure that you pay attention to the ad load and I’ll show you what I mean here let’s let’s jump back to my screen so when we go to here we’re gonna go to one our professor again we’re gonna click on the pencil and when we do this you can see Auto ads are enabled okay so this is Ottawa is you could turn these off by default right when you sign up for Adsense I don’t actually know if they’re on or off I think they’re off but I’m not sure about that but if you go into Auto ads you turn them on if you turn them on that’s great what’s going to happen here is Google is going to show

ads on your website automatically which really isn’t too bad of a deal right there they’re doing the placements whirring they’re using some of their artificial intelligence to like try to place them and make you the most money which is great but what I found if you don’t go to this ad load thing here it starts right in the middle I have found that ad load in most of my websites not all of them but in most of my websites is overwhelmingly way too much they have way way way too many ads on the page and we’re talking like pages of 810 ads on the page which is insanity I’m ready to go in coach just give me a chance I know there’s a lot riding on it but it’s all psychological I can’t necessarily prove this but anecdotally I almost think that these ads actually hurt my own rankings on some of my websites so my SEO was actually kind of hurt by this I don’t know for sure it’s just something I’m suspicious of so when you’re in here when you’re doing ad load make sure that you maybe drop it down to closer to the minimum to basically let it start what I usually recommend what I do I will place my own ads with AD inserter

inside of different blog posts I’ll post my own and then I’ll turn this on and I’ll reduce the ad load I do that because I basically have all my ads showing and those make the bulk of the money but this also will throw a few ads and paste you know in different pages that I maybe didn’t think of in areas that I really hadn’t really tested before and it’ll test for you and kind of learn on the go which is nice.

number nine and this is outside of the scope of Adsense but it’s something it’s definitely complementary to it is to try a platform called ease o ik now for those that don’t know ease o ik is more than just you know a Google Adsense add-on if you will they started that way now they’ve got a site speed tool they’re basically creating a whole software suite of products to help but I so ik is nice because what it does is it does what Google Adsense Auto ads is trying to do now but Adsense Ottawa’s it’s just starting so easy ik essentially what it is is it is a platform that you use in conjunction with Google Adsense and it uses artificial intelligence so that every single time that someone comes to your website page

it basically is kind of watching not in a creepy way but kind of understanding what the people are doing what your users are doing and it is understanding that and it is testing different ad placements for you it does this all on automation so it tests the different ad placements for you and what it’s doing.