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Earn Money online by playing Games


I’m gonna tell you guys how you can make money from plane things like games and apps on your phone this is a genuine way guys and I’m gonna break it down every single step by step in this video only real ways no BS ways the truth nothing but the truth so let’s get straight into Intel exactly how you can make money playing games on your phone now as you guys know on YouTube there are a bunch of videos of how you can make money playing games and all this rubbish and most of the time they don’t work you can make maybe one or two dollars and that is literally pushing it and what I want to do is cover the free best way is the three best ways that you can make money from your phone playing games.

I’m gonna start off with the less effective ones and work my way up to the actual big-money ways so as you guys know that our websites will do pay you to play games such as swag bucks inbox dollars and point Club.

These Three do work they are not the best but they do work if you want to make money for playing games you can go onto these websites download the apps and you can literally play games and make money from doing so however as you guys know these websites mainly have caps and you can’t really make a sustainable income from just going on these websites alone however if you want to make some side money and just make money on the go these websites can generally make you money now obviously everyone has different reviews on these websites me personally I’ve used these before and I didn’t get all of them very well but if you are looking to make some side revenue this is a good way for you to do it.

However the biggest and best way to make money from playing games on your phone and just playing games in general is the next one and this is the big way that you can actually make a full-time career doing so and I’m gonna explain it right now or not you don’t even have to play the game yourself okay so basically this is what it is if you guys are unfamiliar with YouTube you guys need to understand that from youtube videos you can make money views equals money and money equals whatever you want to do with it okay now there are a bunch of gaming channels on YouTube who literally don’t even make the videos themselves and or making and I mean when I say this over fifty thousand dollars a month yeah they do is they get other people to film clips from their gameplays they send it in they take it and put it on their channel and they get the money it’s as simple as that.

I know it sounds quite easy but it can’t be hard but I’m going to explain exactly how you can do it and how first you get clips and you can get clips by literally contacting creators going online searching for clips and just asking for permission and using it in your videos there’s a channel right here called red arcade this channel is full of other people’s videos all they simply do is get all other people’s videos together merge them into one put their watermark on it put their kind of outro intro and put it up on that channel and you guys can see the views on these videos is we did channel Malone is putting it in anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 dollars per month from doing this and this channels had over 1.2 billion views that’s over 2 million dollars in just shy of quite literally five years guys two million dollars in five years crazy and if you think that’s just like a one-off or that’s just like someone got lucky there’s another channel right here called prestige clips who does the exact same thing they get the submissions they have a submission from my portfolio people submit their videos they put them together they upload them and they make that money in return the people who make the videos obviously get credit in the description below now here’s where you can actually go ahead and get some of those creators that they already use so it makes it easier for you you go in the description of these videos normally they’d list all of the people inside the video and then link to their profile this means all you have to do is click the link go ahead message them and ask them for permission and if they say yes which they probably will then go ahead and mix them together now there’s a few things you need to know if you’re gonna do this of how you can actually make money from doing that first thing that you need to understand if you’re gonna do this is you can’t just take all the Clippers put them together and upload them that doesn’t work like that that’s called duplication you need to add your own editing twist on it I mean by this is your own intro your own watermarks your own editing add your own value into the videos additional to the clips that you’re using secondary I would highly highly highly recommend a commentary it doesn’t have to be much it doesn’t have to be a lot but it just shows YouTube that you’re making effort to put your own work into it okay so maybe you could talk about the clip before it starts like for example in this clip this person is about to do this in this and this you add in your own educational value and if you don’t want to get D monetized and you actually want it to be sustainable then you need to do that

you think YouTube’s going anywhere soon you’re really wrong you trust me you can make way more money from doing this than any of those other websites such as swagbucks or in most dollars this is so many people’s careers and you can make so much money doing it if you do it right now a big question a lot of people you’re gonna be asking is how much can you make doing this how much do you get for views how long does it take to make money how easy is it I’m gonna answer all those three questions right now the first question is how easy is it to do it it’s very easy to do it I’ve already literally explained how you can do it the second question is how much can you make you can make unlimited like there’s no cap on how much you can make the more views the more money typically for a thousand views on videos walk over ten minutes you can be making around three to four dollars okay so if you get a million views a month you’re making three to four thousand dollars a month if you get over 100 million views a month which is insane three hundred to four hundred thousand dollars most of these channels average out around five to ten million views a month so they’re making you know fifteen to thirty thousand dollars or more per month from doing this and it’s insane big question a lot of you guys are probably gonna be having is how long does it take you to make money I care then this is a very important question because a lot of people are you in a one-note and typically I say three to six months this is not something you can just jump into a make money instantly if you wanted to go ahead and do that go onto Swagbucks waste your time on that quite literally and but if I was you I would not necessarily waste your time I’d go on it make some money in the meanwhile watch building up something bigger because once you build this up and you actually scale it you don’t need to look around again for jobs you will need to look around again to make money online this can literally make you so much money your eyes will just bleed with money and if you think it’s all too good to be true like it’s up to what you think you know I know myself and I think every single youtuber knows that people are making apps

killings off YouTube just from ad revenue so if you don’t believe it that’s entirely up to you but you’re missing out on so much money it’s ridiculous and these guys are not even doing any of the work their self they literally have an editor they have the clip submit they just upload the videos make the money and keep going over and over again and it’s it’s constant as you guys know I’ve done YouTube now for nine years I’ve got on my plaques as you guys can see and the good thing about this channel is what a lot of people don’t do is I actually do this stuff myself I don’t just say go to this website make some money the stuff I sell on this channel I actually physically do so I know what I’m talking about I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars from YouTube and if you guys want to go ahead and see my results go down in the description you can see literally everything on my channel I have nothing to hide and but yeah this is basically a way that I’m telling you guys that you can make money online and if you’re looking to make money from playing games this is the most legitimate way genuinely like if you want to make serious money not stupid five ten dollars like every month actual livable money career wise money then I would say go with the gaming compilations the YouTube gaming compilations because that’s the way unless you’re going to be like a twitch streamer or you know a competition gamer it’s the way you’re gonna make money and if you make the videos yourself even better you’ve got nothing else to worry about so that’s basically it if you guys did enjoy this video make sure you subscribe to channel turn on post notifications and make sure you give the video a like I’ll be releasing a video every single day ton you guys different ways that you’ve been money online as you guys know everything on this channel is 100% legit I don’t promote any bull crap ways of making money online it’s just the truth nothing but the truth and you guys obviously understand that because it the stuff I tell you works I’ve got so many results on you guys of going out and doing and acting on this and it’s insane so and if I want to mention as well is if you want to get onto YouTube and you don’t know how to start I do have a course down in the description below you don’t have to buy it but if you want to get it and learn step by step it’s down below to go check it out.