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Latest Digital Marketing Trends

Latest Digital Marketing Trends

We’re going to look at five digital marketing trends that you need to be aware of to succeed in 2021 and beyond before we get started leave a comment down below of what your most important digital marketing tactic will be in 2021.

So the first digital marketing trend that you need to be aware of in 2021 is ecommerce and we’ve seen that in this year with the corona virus pandemic how important it is for businesses to be online and have e-commerce websites whereby their customers can purchase from them we’ve also seen a lot of businesses that have completely shut down because they weren’t able to transition into e-commerce effectively and it means that if you’re a business and you don’t have ecommerce

capabilities in 2021 that’s going to be a massive problem because of the way that customers are shifting more and purchasing more online the second digital marketing trend for 2021 you need to be aware of his social media marketing and how paramount social media is for businesses to establish trust with their customers because social media is all about trust now and there are so many new businesses out there there’s just a saturation of any kind of industry that so many brands so many businesses you need to find a way to target your customers effectively on social media and also identify what types of content they are actually engaging with it’s not just about going on every single social media platform you need to do your due diligence do your research and figure out where your customers are and how to target them effectively and if you click at the top right corner of your screen there’s a video that I show you how exactly you can do that

the third digital marketing trend in 2021 is going to be content marketing but more specifically it’s going to be all about voice and video we’ve seen platforms like Twitter that have introduced voice tweets so this is something that you can also try and implement within your content strategy also with content marketing and voice things are

a voice search which is becoming more popular because more people have home assistant devices such as Alexa and it’s important that your content is comprehensive and targets the longtail keywords in order to be able to show up for voice search queries but it’s not just about that it’s also about video content and video is still massively important it’s going to be dominating pretty much everything that we see but it’s not just videos it’s also things such as podcasts that are super vital as part of your digital marketing strategies so get the experts in your business to go on podcasts that are relevant for your industry to help build more trust more brand awareness but also it’s more personable because people buy into people not brand so getting the right people to appear on things like podcasts will help your business massively increase its audience base but also getting more people to trust you and purchase from you the other thing with content marketing is live streaming and live streaming is favored by a lot of platforms such as YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Twitter and if you do live streams they will show up at the top of the feeds most of the time they’ll be highly prominent and your engagements may actually increase a lot by doing live streaming so definitely go ahead and test out live streaming in 2021 get the equipment now to do that and the final thing with content marketing as well is that you can recycle the content that you do have and put it on different platforms so if you’ve got a video on YouTube you can embed that video on your website on a related page and also you can render snippets of that video and upload them natively on different social media platforms like Twitter Facebook and LinkedIn

the fourth digital marketing trend that you need to be aware of is within SEO and SEO search engine optimization is massively important for websites to be found organically when people are searching for them using search engines like Google but there are more important things that you need to be aware of such as page experience which includes things such as the loading speed of your website the user experience people have on your website can they navigate through your website without any problems or issues and that’s something that’s massively important because if their problems

websites user experience all your page speed is way too slow people will just leave they’ll bounce and you will be losing out on many potential customers the other thing with SEO to know about as well is the search intent and user intent so within twenty twenty one search engines like Google are getting a lot smarter about identifying what the intent of the particular search is so you need to make sure that your content is related to that specific intent in mind whether it’s an informational navigational or transactional query you need to keep that in mind in any piece of content that you write on your website make sure that you are matching that user intent so people will actually achieve the right purpose when they land on your web pages the fifth and final digital marketing trend for 2021 is about the viral marketing and we’ve seen just how effective viral marketing is with platforms such as tic toc which have allowed many content creators digital marketers and businesses alike to get massive amounts of exposure and reach on the platform now obviously 60% of the audience of tik-tok is Gen Z so that can provide opportunities for your business if you are targeting them but also I feel like these platforms you just need to experiment with yourself and see what works because viral marketing is very very potent nowadays especially because there’s just so much out there as we’ve said before then the saturation of content and if you manage to get something that goes viral you’re gonna massively increase your reach amongst all of your competitors and also with viral marketing it’s not just platforms like tic toc you’ve also got Facebook and LinkedIn

who have lots of ways to be able to sort of manipulate the algorithms in showing your posts as trending or showing your posts more frequently so making sure you’re using the right hashtags that you’re connected with the right people that you’re getting the engagement and engagement is obviously what gets content to go viral so viral marketing is definitely viable and something that you need to try and look into as part of your digital marketing strategy in 2021 so those have been 5 digital marketing trends for 2021 and beyond.