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7 Ways to Make MONEY From Your WEBSITE!

Make a Profitable Website without Marketing

If you have a website and you’re trying to make money or make more money with it and this article is for you.

what’s that believe nation it seven my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe in your potential your ideas that amazing thing you’ve got inside here and I want to see it explode out into the world for you to have ultimate success and impact around the globe one of the things that I get asked a lot is how do I make money from my website I want to start a website I want to make money online what are some of the ways I can make money from my passion my idea so today I’m gonna share with you my seven ways to make money from a website way number one is access to you and so this is really powerful when you’re building up a personal brand or you’re building up a trusted entity people are coming to your website they’re looking for information they’re looking for guidance looking for expert opinions and advice and the more.

they come the more they get to know you like you trust you and see you as somebody who can really help them solve some problems and that’s what you want and then you’re gonna get people reaching out to say hey can you help me with XYZ and it’s not the most sexy place to start because it’s not scalable you’re effectively selling your time but looking at what is a half hour consultation with you look like or what is an hour-long consultation look like with you whether you’re coaching whether you’re helping in with a specific problem and whatever you’re talking about on your website even if you have really low traffic numbers the people who are coming to your site are looking for an answer to a problem right they have a problem they’re looking for an answer to come into your site you could potentially fill that void not just with the information that you have it’s a it’s a nice taste – nice tease but then people will want to hire you people want to connect with you people will say hey I don’t know how to solve this problem I don’t want to solve it myself how can I work with you to do it and so if I look at my website I look at my videos I’m making a video like this about how to make money from a website people will watch it and some people will use it and leverage it take information applied to their business other people will come and watch it

say I don’t want to do all that work I just want somebody to come in and solve that problem for me or I need more information I need I need more coaching they need one-on-one help every can I hire you to help me do it now I don’t do that as a service I don’t work one-on-one with with coaching clients but I could if I wanted to write a new can to with the content that you’re creating on your website the easiest and fastest way to let’s start making some money it’s a sell your service sell your knowledge sell your expertise to help the people who are coming to your site solve a problem and so having something on your website that says do you want a consultation with me do you need help or feedback do you want to have a call with me having that as a call to action so that people who want to take the next step with you can and whether that leads to a paypal arm or a contact form or tell me your problem form or whatever that is put that up there and you can start making some cash in your site we number two is affiliate products and this is where you basically recommend other products that you use that you like that you trust that how to impact in your life in your business and you take a commission every time that it’s sold this is not a path that that I go down it’s not how I monetize my content but I could so as an example you know any time I recommend the book it could be an Amazon link

and I would make a percentage of any sale that was meaningful deadly I think I actually do that for my own books I think I do that but if I recommend another book I just say this is a great book go check it out you could be making money from that think about the other parts and services that you use are you sage accounting software I use Aweber email marketing I use a whole bunch of different products and services that if I recommend I could potentially having an affiliate code link out there the most important part at least for me this is you know the industry can get a little shady a little slimy because people are recommending scam products that they’ve never used before and so for me anytime I recommend something I use it I love it you know I use it in my life or my business and I found tremendous value from it I don’t recommend anything to the people on my audience my website on my youtube channel that I haven’t actually gone through and use myself and I think it’s a really important thing to keep in mind is you have a client for life you want them to buy one thing from you and find so much value from it that they say wow this person is really helping me out what’s the next thing

right the next thing you recommend they’re gonna want to buy again and the next thing they’re gonna want to buy again and so that one customer that you get you turn into a repeat customer over and over and over again because you’re making their life easier you’re saying this thing works trust me go out and buy it and if it actually works for them they’re gonna buy it right they’re gonna come back and tell their friends they’re gonna keep buying more every time you make a recommendation and so that’s why it’s so so so so important that you get into affiliate marketing that you actually love the products that you’re using something that you would feel comfortable recommending to your mom or your sister or your wife or your husband or your kids to use because you’ve got that much value from it we number three is your own products this is great when again you’re building up your website you have some content you have some traffic and you’re thinking okay I want to help people more I want to be able to provide more value to them and I’m going to create my own product whether it’s a actual physical product like your your selling coffee cups

or your you’re making a book or you have an e product an info product you’re teaching people how to do things one of the best ways to start this though I would highly recommend going first for the the coaching go back to number one right sell a service get to know people one-on-one people who are paying you and you understand what their problems are because what happens a lot is on terms of websites they say okay I’m getting some traffic now I want to have a product and the product flops and the product flops and then you go back and you think well the landing page sucked I got to fix my landing page I have a change of title I got to change the optimization I got to work on my landing page you launch it again and it flops and the problem wasn’t necessary with the landing page and doing the optimization that part was the product just sucked like the product wasn’t what people wanted and so what you want to do to build a really great product you want to start with the coaching start with the service meet people understand their problems and when you start hearing the same thing over and over and over again I need help with this I need help with this I need help with this right if I was doing coaching and every third call was about how to write a business plan what to my next product be how to write a business plan to the people who can’t afford the coaching or for the people who just want that answer here is a great product for you and I think people jump in the products too soon before they even have a really good gauge of their audience but it’s definitely a great way to do it and the reason why I’m hesitant and recommend units overly is because it takes so much work to create a good product to me to write this book but it’s a lot of work if it flops that sucks like how much work that I just put into this thing that didn’t work out and I don’t want that for you and it happens so often is that you spend so much time working on this amazing product that then nobody wants because you didn’t do enough research into what your audience actually cares about you have to combine what you love doing with what the audience wants just doing what you love doing is not enough that’s just a hobby what’s your audience craves wants needs desires is super super important so you have to have those conversation with them

to figure that out so you can build the best product we number four is through donations this is super common whether it’s through PayPal or if you look at Wikipedia they often has those initials at the top whether it’s a buy me a beer find you know buy me a cup of coffee find whether it’s something like patreon that you’re using where people are donating to you every month or you know thinking you and you’re providing some extra service for them to make that work what’s really helpful is to show the amount of work that’s involved in doing the thing that you’re doing to show how much time you’re spending on making the content for your website to show the plans for what you want to do because you’re you’re appealing to somebody’s goodwill if you’re selling a service or similar product or affiliate marketing you are selling a benefit right like they’re gonna get something out of it what’s the benefit of helping you just donating money you want them to feel good about themselves you let them feel good about the cause that they’re donating to and so that story the backstory is important why you started this thing where you want to go the resources that you’re gonna need to get there they’re like heartfelt personal message like thank you so much for joining me on my mission it’s a great way to start and you can start making money with people who are the repeat they keep coming back even again a small audience then you have a hundred people coming to your website but they really love the content and like they can’t live without it you could get some donations coming in again put it put a tip jar on your website put on buy me a coffee

put a patreon where you’re you’re giving more benefit and value but it’s so important that you tell your story alongside of it otherwise people wing number five is brand deals so now as you start building up an audience and as you start getting known in your industry you’ll get corporations who want to work with you you know I am known in the entrepreneur space so I get a lot of companies who are trying to target entrepreneurs to come work with me and they say heaven we want to aply on the campaign you want to try to promote this product or this is what we believe can you help us get exposure most of them I say no to because if it’s just a product pitch I’m not interested especially if I don’t use their product right I’m not gonna come on and just pitch you guys product because you would you would lose interest right I always want to create value and everything that I’m doing so as an example with the Steven Kelly videos he’s a CEO of Sage I use their software you know we have a three-year deal working together and every month we do a google hangout YouTube hangout where we answer questions and it’s it helps give sage exposure but it’s not a hard push where you need to go buy sage accounting software it’s the best thing ever if an accounting question comes up that’s great we attack it but most of the questions are just about trying to help entrepreneurs and Stephen gets that he wants to be a resource for entrepreneurs and so it’s a really great

partnership when you’re thinking about brand deals you want to make sure because it’s tempting it’s tempting to take the cash you’re gonna pay me in cash so this is great it’s ten so you want to take that cash just make sure the lines with your values will fit you know you think your audience is gonna like it as well and the key to making that happen is not necessarily a huge website with tons and tons of tons of traffic it’s more about the specialization if you are one of the go-to places for X or Smurfs or Tim Hortons coffee or you know lentils whatever the thing is if you are the go-to place for a specific niche then you become really attractive to the brands that care about that Beach if you are the place to go to or lentils and I’m saying that because I have let me show you I got my breakfast that my wife made me lentils and things so you’re the V website they go to the lentils and you rate all the different lentils and you share your lentil experience and you’re sharing recipes and you’re sharing you know how to get healthier by eating lentils and died and tips and all that now let’s a pretty limited audience who who cares that much about lentils that they would subscribe and coming back to that website but there would be some people who would do that

and then you become really attracted to the lentil companies right they’re gonna want to work with you like you are the place to go to for mentals and so you don’t need to build up this giant website with millions of views it’s more about a targeted audience and you can really pay attention to number six is advertising this now becomes a mix of do you want to go knee should you want to go broad advertising is what most people think of when they’re making money from a website the challenging part is at the beginning you don’t have a lot of views and advertisers are typically looking at a you know how much volume them are getting from this and so if you’re giving a thousand you know views a day it’s not really enough to be able to make really good money off of advertising you need to think how am I gonna scale this thing up unless you focus on brand heels and it just they care so much about that audience that they want to run an ad campaign on your website it’s just typically ads are calculated by how many thousand impressions that they’re gonna they’re gonna get and so it’s much more growth strategy it’s for most content you look at YouTube if you want to have success on YouTube advertising is an old cave way to make money at the beginning but it’s one of the hardest because you just don’t have enough views to really make it count and so it’s much more later growth strategy than early stage if you’re just going to set it out I’ve been looking at the other strategies that have talked about it right and the number seven way is to build your platform to be a recognized authority this goes back to why brands would be interested in you when I found is as I built myself up as a go-to resource in the entrepreneur space I get a whole ton of opportunities that I never would have thought of happening for me so one was the book deal like I got a book deal with penguin Random House I never thought

get a book deal I never thought I would write a book it wasn’t part of my initial plan I get asked to join boards of directors for different companies they want me to be on your board of directors again something that never really thought that would happen to me I get asked to do speaking gigs and speaking deals and I thought going into this what corporation would hire me to speak because what am I gonna say my message is so entrepreneurial I’m gonna go up on stage and say hey you should quit your job and go start a business what company is gonna want me to talk to their employees

I never thought speaker would be a part of it and as it turns out there there’s a there’s a big market for it I don’t aggressively pursue it because Nina my wife misses me too much there she is she misses me too much when when I go away so I try to keep it to a few engagements a year but all these things will start to happen that we’re never probably part of your plan just because you get known in your industry and so the more you can figure out the niche that you want to go after and say I’m gonna be one of the top three websites for this one little tiny thing and and do that and then you can expand look at Facebook strategy they started off only being for University and colleges and then they eventually expand it to be for everyone start off with a niche figure out what you can be one two three best in the world

at and then start attracting attention to the people who care about other industry and you don’t need to have tons of views and then so you can expand beyond you may have some big vision for what you want to do and I love that like dream big think big I love it but start small in small steps every day like okay phase one is I need to get this thing done I need to be known in this niche that’s where I’m gonna dominate and then from there I’m gonna expand my empire and build it up right so building up a platform building up your authority your expertise has been a really surprising way that I’ve been able to generate money on my website and I’d love for you to experience that as well so thank you guys so much for watching I made this video because Keyon Witherspoon asked me to it is a topic you like to suggest for a future seven-way video check out the link in the description below and you go and cast your vote I’d love to know from this video what was your favorite way out of the seven that you’re going to immediately

apply some how to build in your website and did I miss it eight nine ten that you want to add to list even the comments below really tendency we have to say thank you guys so much for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one would is much love see you soon raise your standard Apple at the core its core values is that people passion not one drop of my self-worth depends on your it’s suppose to mean I don’t ever give up I’d have to be dead or completely incapacitated hey believe nation.