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Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for 2020

marketing in a non-profit non-governmental organization

I want to share five strategies that are really going to help your nonprofit whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been doing marketing for a little bit these are five foundational strategies that if you don’t have a lot of time as long as you focus on having these in place you’re gonna have great marketing for all of 2020 and beyond.

so the first strategy that I want to talk about is to make sure that your content is value and impact driven so anytime you’re putting out social media posts or you’re putting new information on your website always think about your donor always ask the question what’s gonna get them excited what’s gonna get them to feel good because remember the reason that they’re donating to your nonprofit is because they feel good about that that’s pulling some kind of heartstrings that they have so anytime that you lead with value showing the impact that you’re making showing the return on investment that maybe they donated last year and you’re showing exactly how you used it this year that’s gonna be great marketing the second strategy is to invest in video.

now before you get scared I don’t mean to go out and hire a videographer although if you did have the money to do that it would be a good investment what I mean is take the time to figure out how you can use video in a cost-effective way or how you can create videos in a cost-effective way this could mean using your iPhone or it could mean taking a photo and turning that into a video so I’m really excited because next week we’re actually doing a tutorial to show you exactly how you can take a photo put a quote on it and actually make it a video so this would be a really great investment of your time so that you can learn how to start doing video get comfortable with video so if you’ve never done it before this is the perfect first step make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss that video third strategy for you is to make sure that you are discoverable so what do you mean by that is that if someone’s looking for you on Google if they’re looking for you on social media make sure that your nonprofit appears whether that’s your branded name or things that are related to what you do so I’m firing my friends phone and I’m going to open up Instagram so that I can search for a non-profit and see if they come up and the reason I’m borrowing the phone is because I don’t want it to be something that

I’m already liking because it will show up first so I’m gonna type in pure game which is a nonprofit that I volunteered for recently and they’re the first one that comes up so they’re optimized to be found on Instagram now what you want to do is go ahead and do that for keywords that are relevant to your nonprofit go to Google and do that go to Facebook and do that go to all the platforms that you’re on and do that quick search just to make sure you’re discoverable so what you can do is do a little audit open your Instagram app app up open Facebook up search for your nonprofit see what shows up and if you’re not showing up there’s ways that you can add hashtags add keywords change your name in your account or your BIOS so that you’re showing up same with Google we’re actually gonna do another video about this this whole discoverability thing so you can learn how to make sure you’re showing up in Google utilizing things like the add grants so make sure that you’re subscribed because in 2020 we’re going through all of this in a nitty-gritty way but if you invest the time to make sure that you’re discoverable it’s going to give you that foundation that you really need so that whether someone’s looking for something like you do or actually for you they’re gonna show up or you’re gonna show up the fourth strategy that we have for you is to install pixels what we mean by that is when you put pixels on your website either through Google Analytics the Google Ad grant or Facebook or Instagram ads.

you have the ability to retarget people and this is really great because if you’re gonna do a campaign when you’re trying to get donations and you need to get visibility where you’re just not reaching people on social media if anyone’s visited your website in the past year you’re able to take those pixels that you put in your website and find them on other websites that they go to so this actually whether you’re gonna use retargeting or not is something that we highly advise that you do because if you don’t put the pixels on you’re not building up your audience but if you put the pixels on you can go back up to a year and get that audience and we target them in some way so just put that in place if you are interested in learning how to do this or getting a more step-by-step video leave us a comment and that’s something we might create for you our fifth strategy that we want to talk about today is building your email list this is something that I hammered time and time again because you need a direct line of communication with the people who are following you on social media who are interested by coming to your website.

you want to make sure that you’re building that list time and time again because when you have some information to share whether it’s just informational or you have a call to action like for people to donate you want to make sure you can get in their inbox otherwise if you post it on social media only about 4 percent of the people who follow you will actually see it so if you have an email list you can communicate with your supporters whenever you want the only thing is that we asked for you to go back to strategy 1 and make sure that the emails that you’re giving them our value and impact driven you never want to email just an email you want to make sure that you’re giving people great information so that anytime you see an email from you they open that up so those are our five strategies these again are foundational so once you have them in place it’s gonna make your marketing that are easier and you can expand from there with more advanced strategies you can experiment but if you have these five down you are going to be good to go for 2020.