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Digital vs Traditional Marketing

Digital vs Traditional Marketing

We’re gonna cover traditional versus online marketing the real value of your online marketing efforts in this video we’re going to take a look at the traditional forms of advertising versus online marketing and really the real value of your online marketing efforts so now there’s sort of been this long-standing debate among online marketers and that really is is digital the new normal here’s what I mean by that because there’s really two sides to this there are the traditional advertising methods these are things that have been around for some woman hundreds of years so you’ve got newspaper which is the ones obviously.

I’ve been around forever newsletters brochures other sorts of printed material you’ve got broadcast media which is a little more recent for just TV radio ads you’ve got Direct Mail Flyers postcards catalogs you of course got telemarketing so all of these are sort of those traditional approaches they’re proven they have high success rates they’ve long long standing processes that have been around forever and everybody seems to sort of understand them and of course they’ve got their own metrics you’ve got different rating agencies that test that the ratings to see who’s doing what now effective they are now you’ve got digital on the other side and this is where you’ve got all this sort of newfangled marketing efforts now these are all focused on electronic devices and that’s kind of what makes them digital of course so it’s things like websites social networking content marketing banner ads Google ads including AdWords video marketing all sorts of other stuff now why these cost efficient absolutely they’re absolutely cost efficient and what’s the best part about this is that they’ve got unprecedented reach you can reach an entire world as far as an audience and it’s pretty cheap to do so compared to what it would cost you to for example put a TV spot up on the Superbowl.

now do you need to have both of these forms of advertising the answer really is quick no you absolutely don’t what you need to do is look at what is most effective for your business and this is determined by what type of business that you have I mean if you have a local business that is only focused around the business that is happens to be around your block maybe you’re a sandwich shop and you focus on well let’s just make it a little more specific let’s say you’re in an office building and you happen to own the restaurant that is within an office building well your target is really the office people within that building right it’s those workers so there may not be a great way for you to create a website that’s just for them versus just putting Flyers on their desk every morning you probably get a better response at least initially with flyers on the desk then you would use something like digital marketing to help build an email list or maybe you could get them to sign up for daily specials and things along those lines so what is exactly does this mean well it’s choosing the medium obviously that is more cost effective for you it’s the one that’s easier to implement and can get you faster results pick a strategy that’s got better reach that can target your exact audience and then use that platform to give you direct tangible responses so here are a couple things to consider when you’re having to decide whether course to use traditional or digital.

first we’ve already talked about cost digital by-and-large tends to win over this one because it’s a lot cheaper to pay for a click you can actually be very very specific on sources like Facebook and you might pay 25 or 30 cents for a click for somebody actually take a look at your webpage and that’s not too bad it’s tough to get a flier printed for that you can reach with thousands with just a single post online when you’re doing it with a blog for example especially if you’re building your own list and remember this doesn’t mean avoid traditional media like we had talked about in that example I just gave you if you’re just a local restaurant that happens to target a particular even an office building a specific is that you can still combine traditional media mix it in with some digital media and that will actually exponentially improve your results the remember traditional media can pull focus away from online initiatives so you because they tend to focus more on brand stuff especially when you’re spending a lot when your budget tends to be a lot higher people tend to advertise brand and they’re not really a vert izing call to action so a car dealer for example would advertise price on the cars and that he’s having a sale or she’s having a sale and how is that different from any other car dealer in the planet they’re all having sales all the time there is no difference all it really does is try to make you top of mind and remember particularly short period of time and hope that you happen to be in the market for a car what might be better is if they had some sort of online marketing campaign that targeted you as a buyer and they gave you an option to say you know what I’m going to know about this new particular model or I’d like to know about sales in about a year and a half because that’s when I think I’m gonna be ready for a new car doing something like that would actually benefit them quite a bit more now when it comes to your marketing of course you worried about the messaging the messaging has to match the medium that you’re using digital platforms they’re individual conversations and more so this happens in digital media than it does in traditional media traditional media.

People will create commercials and like they’re talking to a whole bunch of other people on the other side of that screen and that’s not necessarily what they want they should be doing but it happens like that but with digital you’re really making a blog post for that one person on the other side when you’re writing a social media post you’re writing it for that one person who happens to be on their other end of that Twitter stream or that Facebook Timeline and when you do that you’re having these individual conversations you can really make a better connection and of course you’d want to take a look at your audience make sure if you’re going after an older audience you might want to use things like direct mail because they still are checking mailboxes they still are buying newspapers so you might want to mix a little bit more traditional in their metrics let’s talk about metrics of digital campaigns hands down there’s a lot a lot easier to track your metrics with conversion pixels with the tracking that’s out there including free services like Google Analytics whenever you buy advertising the Google an elaborate rack your results so you can get very very specific you will actually know how many people clicked on the ad how many people saw your page how many people converted into maybe giving you an email if that’s what your call-to-action was or to buying your particular product all of that will report digitally it is unbelievably easy to track that’s a whole lot easier then maybe buying an ad and placing a coupon in the newspaper or buying a coupon book where you put your coupon in the coupon book because there’s a little tougher to track those results I mean yes people might bring in a coupon you could force them to do that but not everyone is gonna do that and those things get lost it’s just a little tougher to track that sort of stuff especially if your ad doesn’t contain a coupon because then what they’re just supposed to say they heard about you on the radio that’s difficult people try it but people just by and large always lost you said that so it’s probably not the best thing to be able to track accessibility now with smartphones accessibility is everything so everybody’s reshaped when it comes to how they access the Internet

that’s just why you’ve heard for probably years now about how mobile is the next big thing and really all that really means is the screen size is getting smaller that’s when we think mobile that’s all you have to think about a screen size so instead of carrying around laptops which technically were the first form of mobile right but nobody’s screamed about that they just talked about mobile now because they’re talking about these screen sizes soubise little teeny screens people can actually interact with while they’re having conversations with other people while they’re walking down the street talking to their friends and everybody’s doing this you’re probably checking your phone right now saying call it you okay so mobile is now the leading medium around the world digital strategies are easy to implement with mobile especially for using things like Facebook because if you’re advertising on Facebook keep in mind about 70% of their users are using Facebook on their phones so make sure when you create your pages you’re catering to a mobile audience next digital marketing gives businesses direct response even with a limited budget so it’s not just that you’re out there branding saying hey look at me Here I am please buy something you’re out there saying here’s the benefit here’s the feature that gives you that benefit here’s how much it is click here here’s what to do next and that’s your direct response but it’s important that you don’t just discount traditional media because you just want to be a digital marketer because Digital has its place.

so does traditional so at this point here’s your hack you want to take stock of all the different online properties now do you have a website Facebook account LinkedIn Twitter YouTube you have all these registered do you have your president’s online and if you do have your presence online you want to consider something from traditional marketing that might complement your business we’ve talked about in the restaurant example creating little Flyers that might have the menu or today’s specials or even posters might work well from some small businesses especially if you have a local brick-and-mortar business and finally as part of the copy make sure you’re adding website addresses or social networking sites your call to action so make sure that you’re getting people to go to your website to sign up for your list maybe even create a little page you know your website comm slash menu special as an example and that particular URL if people are visiting that you know that was only on the Flyers that’s one way to I can see how well that traditional media is happening plus it will actually give you hopefully the chance to build an email list where you can go back and market to them later so I hope this video was helpful in some way shape or form and got you thinking a little bit between traditional and digital and how you might want to use one the other or both for your particular business if it was or if you’re just curious about some other marketing tips please visit us if you have not already over it seriously simple marketing.com thanks again for watching this video we’ll see you on the next one